Event Manager’s Report

350 entrants took part over 5 distances at the Peak District Challenge this year. Conditions this year were as good as we’ve ever had them, with a completely dry week leading up to the event, and a very high completion rate compared to past years. Participants reported a range of conditions, from very hot bright sunshine and muggy riverside air, to strong cool winds over gritstone edges.

Tweaks to the routes to improve the variety of scenery and terrain over all distances were well received. This also reduced our impact on certain key footpaths, in line with our goals of minimising any impact of a well-organised challenge event. Highlights mentioned by participants included the extra-especially-impressive home baking at Tideswell, Katie’s incredible enthusiasm and encouragement at White Rake (evoking tears from one correspondent), and the knowledge and care shown by the Mountain Leaders. Our provisional fundraising total is over £50,000 for our good causes and partner charities in different amounts depending on their number of fundraisers.

Goals for next year include increasing the savoury food offerings earlier in the event, investigating improved toilet arrangements and trying to streamline the goody-bag handout and finish-line arrangements. We hope to see you all back again in 2020!

Peak District Challenge Results 2019

Gold Ultra139Simon Martland18:18:06
Gold Ultra141Paul Roche19:29:48
Gold Ultra130Tina Page19:39:05
Gold Ultra101Kizzy Austick19:48:15
Gold Ultra102Penny Clarke19:48:16
Gold Ultra103Bry Goodliffe19:48:17
Gold Ultra138Philip Gibbs19:51:52
Gold Ultra119Matthew Adams19:56:15
Gold Ultra120Stuart Baldry19:56:57
Gold Ultra132David Ingram20:55:45
Gold Ultra137mark jackson21:34:09
Gold Ultra135Gerry Moore22:21:18
Gold Ultra110Anthony Francis22:39:42
Gold Ultra113Matthew Lumley22:39:57
Gold Ultra111Petra Knowles22:40:00
Gold Ultra112David Lacy22:40:02
Gold Ultra122Adam Wainwright23:02:25
Gold Ultra118Zoe Penny23:02:55
Gold Ultra116Paula Cowley23:11:09
Gold Ultra117Linda Johnson23:11:23
Gold Ultra128Daniel Ingle23:13:21
Gold Ultra127Paul Coleman23:13:22
Gold Ultra134David Pickering23:35:27
Gold Ultra109Antoinette Wintin23:37:27
Gold Ultra108Doug Hobbs23:37:37
Gold Ultra105Steve LudgateDNF
Gold Ultra121Sarah HallDNF
Gold Ultra126Rob GriffithsDNF
Gold Ultra104Phil DeakinDNF
Gold Ultra107Marco PomatiDNF
Gold Ultra125Marc WieldingDNF
Gold Ultra123Ken AstburyDNF
Gold Ultra106Joe PattersonDNF
Gold Ultra114Ellie MollartDNF
Gold Ultra115Ben TsuiDNF
Silver217Stephen Thorp15:56:00
Silver216Gary Thorp15:56:00
Silver209Dan Aylen17:15:09
Silver210James Gorman17:15:15
Silver211Tom Watts17:15:19
Silver229Simone Parker20:40:20
Silver230Jane Wade20:40:28
Silver231Gilly Wrathall20:40:42
Silver222Michelle Barraclough21:26:48
Silver223Amanda Rushby21:26:48
Silver225Beth Walsh21:27:48
Silver218Fiona Tweedie21:45:06
Silver234Alexander Lauff22:08:21
Silver205Mike Smith22:38:27
Silver203Tony Doy22:38:28
Silver204Sam Noel-Paton22:38:28
Silver202Natasha Dames22:38:29
Silver233Jo Killick22:47:51
Silver235Rachel Oakley22:47:59
Silver219Alice Howlett23:01:50
Silver220Jessica Kirby-Smith23:02:05
Silver221Stephen Kirby-Smith23:02:15
Silver232Tracey Brooke23:05:46
Silver236Emma Pye23:05:52
Silver237Ben Williams23:06:04
Silver239Nelli Gabor23:11:55
Silver240Francis Smith23:15:20
Silver241Mark Potter23:15:52
Silver227Sam Day23:16:05
Silver228Corrie Strickland23:16:10
Silver206Richard EvansDNF
Silver208Kat PresleyDNF
Silver207Isabel McConnellDNF
Bronze358Will Carver05:53:02
Bronze325Ed Brewer06:37:03
Bronze348Harriet Drouin06:49:26
Bronze350Mike Carver07:30:08
Bronze356Simon Wanless07:30:09
Bronze357Stuart Ovington07:30:11
Bronze302Thomas Hyde08:01:51
Bronze301Danny Hyde08:01:52
Bronze355rachael hayes08:20:00
Bronze354Jon Clark08:20:16
Bronze353Sam Charles08:22:17
Bronze328Jessica Blake08:35:43
Bronze327Sarah Barker08:35:44
Bronze347David Richmond08:43:44
Bronze326Naomi Brewer08:50:56
Bronze362tim atkin09:15:40
Bronze324Laura Williams09:47:10
Bronze323Ryan Percival09:47:57
Bronze369Jon Beighton10:18:29
Bronze370Emma Clarke10:18:30
Bronze392Alex Rutherford10:34:28
Bronze391Melissa Loraine10:34:34
Bronze345Cath Johnson10:40:35
Bronze344Nicola Briggs10:40:42
Bronze346Babs Woodward10:40:50
Bronze334Steve Clifton10:49:15
Bronze336Fiona Morrison10:49:15
Bronze335Angie Hamilton10:49:15
Bronze360Rosy Bennett10:49:40
Bronze310Amy Holt10:49:56
Bronze308Charley Deakin10:52:47
Bronze309Andrew Feenan10:52:47
Bronze376John Woods10:54:11
Bronze373Amanda Burdett10:56:55
Bronze374David Perrott10:57:11
Bronze375Richard Sewell10:57:25
Bronze314Chris Jackson10:57:49
Bronze313Charles Brumpton10:57:49
Bronze306John Currie10:58:30
Bronze307Andrew Slaymaker10:58:43
Bronze349Francis Darrah10:59:01
Bronze351Olga Koepping11:16:57
Bronze352Rachael Savage11:17:55
Bronze338Fiona Davies11:22:50
Bronze339Ruth Samantha Sargent11:23:04
Bronze331Sarah Tavener (now Bryce)11:29:27
Bronze330Katharina Ferguson11:29:34
Bronze329Jessica Bell11:29:41
Bronze365rajdeep gill11:30:53
Bronze367Steve Simmons11:30:57
Bronze366shamylla sadiq11:31:04
Bronze303Rachel Queeborough11:39:21
Bronze393Dina Abdul-Wahab11:45:30
Bronze397Miranda Clarke11:45:36
Bronze396Sian Day11:45:42
Bronze394Rania Abdul-Wahab11:45:49
Bronze317Gemma Tissington11:50:00
Bronze316Erika McInerney11:50:02
Bronze395Clelie Medlock11:54:11
Bronze389Meg Hughes11:54:16
Bronze385Sarita Hawney11:54:21
Bronze390Charlie Mcloughlin11:54:26
Bronze383Matt Stray11:54:43
Bronze384Nick Northam11:54:50
Bronze380Craig Bingham11:55:00
Bronze381Devin Grosse11:57:22
Bronze382Emma O Connel11:57:28
Bronze322Gordon Brearley11:57:48
Bronze321Charlotte Brearley11:57:51
Bronze387jenny van maurik12:10:16
Bronze398Tracey Andrews12:10:23
Bronze399Vicky Bateman12:13:25
Bronze404Vicki Burston12:13:31
Bronze402Hollie Smith12:18:27
Bronze386Rachel Giles12:18:34
Bronze401Sophie Reid12:18:39
Bronze388rebecca ward12:18:40
Bronze403Lyndsey Zujovic12:18:46
Bronze340Leah Godfrey12:38:16
Bronze341Allyn Hegarty12:38:28
Bronze343Aaron Turner12:38:52
Bronze342Jade Holmes12:38:54
Bronze320Sarah Wilkinson12:56:42
Bronze319Hannah Madkour12:56:45
Bronze318Kathryn Dyson12:56:46
Bronze372Timothy Ruck13:01:21
Bronze371Samantha Ruck13:01:22
Bronze405Zoe FlanaganDNF
Bronze304Vicki RutterDNF
Bronze378Lorna ReidDNF
Bronze377Garry PatersonDNF
Bronze359Claire CologneDNF
Bronze379Celine StewartDNF
Bronze400Ashley PayneDNF
Bronze305Amanda WPDNF
Copper555Darren Barnett02:55:56
Copper567Stephen Blakeley03:22:27
Copper566Ruth Blakeley03:23:03
Copper554Christian Tyroll03:24:20
Copper578Dave Bowmaker03:29:10
Copper580Mike Yule03:29:15
Copper579Simon Owen03:29:18
Copper557Neil McAleece03:53:00
Copper558Nick Hardwick04:16:38
Copper536Jilly Dickinson05:12:37
Copper537Lizzie Pellowe05:12:38
Copper559Rupert Douglas05:16:00
Copper564Kelly Smith05:22:40
Copper563Jennifer Tomlins05:22:48
Copper560Tom Burgess05:36:18
Copper626John Savill06:08:18
Copper575Charlotte Tyler06:28:45
Copper577Sam Tyler06:28:53
Copper529Clare Smith07:00:42
Copper501Lizzie Attwood07:01:00
Copper527Pamela Riley07:01:22
Copper502Adam Dunnicliffe07:01:25
Copper504Laura Marsh07:01:29
Copper528Katja Robins07:01:36
Copper503Alix Lyons07:01:46
Copper526Nikki Millings07:01:58
Copper614simon cookson07:16:11
Copper613amanda cookson07:16:20
Copper576Jo Tyler07:19:59
Copper534Julie Wilde07:21:50
Copper535Martin Wilde07:22:00
Copper545Robert Dale07:30:03
Copper547Peter Jennings07:30:10
Copper544Jay Balmer07:30:13
Copper543Liam Anderson07:30:29
Copper556George Edward Jones07:32:13
Copper549Mark Quigley07:32:39
Copper548Rachael Jobson07:32:44
Copper550Sophie Robinson07:33:04
Copper571Michael Hadjirousos07:36:04
Copper574Harry McGrath07:36:33
Copper573Nicholas Klein07:36:38
Copper572Luke Harris07:36:41
Copper619Nina Rajan-Weare08:01:06
Copper618Colleen Duffy08:01:06
Copper599Mandi HODGES08:01:17
Copper598Helene Hillier08:01:27
Copper622jayne Heng08:02:00
Copper539Sam Bradley08:02:13
Copper589Lynsey Palmer08:02:16
Copper538Lawrence Bradley08:02:28
Copper623Ruth Pashley08:02:32
Copper540Theresa Pass08:02:41
Copper590Gerald Seaman08:02:59
Copper621Alison Hemming08:03:28
Copper533Kate Mitchell08:21:07
Copper532Mark Chapman08:21:21
Copper542Claire Lister08:32:44
Copper541Charlotte Lister08:32:59
Copper625James Dickson08:33:54
Copper624Michelle Asba08:34:11
Copper608Jane Russell08:34:25
Copper609 08:34:41
Copper610 08:34:47
Copper620Gary Beard08:35:29
Copper595 08:36:03
Copper593Melissa Walsh08:36:23
Copper592Tony Shaw08:36:34
Copper594 08:36:42
Copper596 08:37:03
Copper597 08:37:31
Copper568Lianna Bradshaw08:40:58
Copper570Mike Lloyd08:41:01
Copper569Luci Lloyd08:41:12
Copper607Lindsey King08:42:08
Copper606David King08:42:09
Copper584Tricia Keenan08:52:35
Copper586Susan Morrison08:52:43
Copper585Anna Morrison08:52:43
Copper583Gerard Keenan08:52:44
Copper587Pauline Sheaff08:52:58
Copper581Gerry Cavani08:52:59
Copper582Kirsten Coope08:54:38
Copper561Wayne Heatherington08:55:03
Copper588Emma Warburton09:00:09
Copper514Louise Richards09:00:45
Copper512Hannah Cramp09:01:15
Copper513Alex Gloster09:01:16
Copper515Louise Williams09:02:09
Copper530Amanda Pawliszyn09:21:07
Copper531Andrew Pawliszyn09:21:23
Copper516Ferran Clar09:22:49
Copper522Brett Sanders09:24:31
Copper523Masha Tarnacska09:24:38
Copper612Yasmin Khatib09:44:05
Copper615Roisin Carr09:44:16
Copper616Manjit Kang09:44:22
Copper611Tazeen Khatib09:44:28
Copper617Lauren McKirdy09:47:26
Copper601Dominic Divers09:48:21
Copper605Shanica Hutchinson09:48:27
Copper604Mathew Jones09:49:32
Copper600Cheryl McLaughlin09:50:11
Copper603Jen Woolmer09:50:18
Copper505Elizabeth Brown10:01:16
Copper508Helen Jakubowska10:01:43
Copper506Anya Esser10:02:01
Copper509Angela Lockhart-Dibble10:02:03
Copper507Vivien Garlick10:02:04
Copper511Sarah Wardle10:02:20
Copper551Sam WattsDNF
Copper546Phil DavisonDNF
Copper518Pete GardnerDNF
Copper591Patricia VIlchesDNF
Copper520Lizzie Martinez-ThompsonDNF
Copper517Jon GardnerDNF
Copper519Jane HarrisonDNF
Copper521Amy SandersDNF
Copper552 DNF
BBD Run710Rebecca Clephan00:54:00
BBD Run709Michael Fazakerley00:54:00
BBD Run711Drew Norcup00:55:00
BBD Run708Chris Fazakerley00:55:00
BBD Run725Gareth Davies01:02:03
BBD Run721Lara Dickinson01:05:16
BBD Run727Robert Taylor01:08:27
BBD Run712Chris Holdsworth01:08:47
BBD Run726MIKE THOMAS01:08:58
BBD Run720Ieva Kampaite01:09:09
BBD Run730Rod Hewson01:11:21
BBD Run728Shaun Bunting01:13:46
BBD Run713Liz Holdsworth01:13:57
BBD Run714Kat Walsh01:14:04
BBD Run724Viktorija Jokubaityte01:14:15
BBD Run705Abigail Guettler01:44:42
BBD Run706Denise JEMIL01:44:47
BBD Run707finbarr lehane01:44:57
BBD Walk703Steven Baron02:38:01
BBD Walk704Jacqueline Baron02:38:16
BBD Walk702Martin Calcutt02:51:01

Prizes awarded at the Peak District Challenge 2019

Fastest Gold Ultra:Running Bear: Ground Control Fell Running Shoes Voucher
Dark Peak Jacket
Pieroth Wine tasting experience
Fastest SilverRunning Bear: Ground Control Fell Running Shoes Voucher
Dark Peak Jacket
Pieroth Wine tasting experience
Fastest BronzeAlpkit Voucher
Tickets to the Euorpean Film Festival Tour
Dark Peak Jacket
Fastest CopperPeak Performance Sports Massage
Tickets to the Banff Film Festival World Tour
Dark Peak Jacket
Fastest BBDWilderness Development Experience
Dark Peak Jacket
Best Photo4 Hour 1-2-1 Photography Session with Photograhper Aiden O’Rourke
Best VideoPieroth Wine tasting experience
Most Money RaisedPieroth Wine tasting experience

Thanks to our fantastic partners

Dark Peak – For every jacket sold, Dark Peak promise to give another jacket to the homeless. They are giving us one of their fab Nessh Insulated Jackets as a prize! www.darkpeakgear.com

Alpkit–  British Outdoor company Alpkit will be providing £50 of Alpkit spending money to the winner of the Bronze 50Km to ‘Go Nice Places, Do Nice things’ www.alpkit.com

Peak Performance – Sports Massage specialists Peak Performance Sheffield will be donating 2 X 1 hour sports massages to the prize pot.  www.peakperformancesheffield.com

Wilderness Development– Providers of outdoor skills, development and training courses throughout the Peak District, they will be supplying outdoor adventure experiences as prizes for the Back Before Dark event.  www.wilderness-development.com

The Banff Mountain Film Festival – The best new films from the worlds most prestigious film festival. Providing tickets to one of the UK showings. www.banff-uk.com

Hard Bar – Ethically and organically sourced ‘real food’ fuel for the hills. Hard Bar are supplying every Silver and Gold Athlete with one of their delicious bars for the run. www.hard.bar

Hathersage Swimming Pool – A beautiful heated outdoor pool in the heart of Hathersage. The pool will be offering a discounted swim for all on our celebration day on Sunday.  www.hathersageswimmingpool.co.uk

European Outdoor Film Tour – Win Film Festival tickets to watch inspiration to adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, with EOFT’s unique stories, exciting protagonists, and spectacular scenery from the wildest corners of our planet. In addition to classic disciplines like mountain biking, freeriding, and alpine expeditions, the tour also features new and unexpected variations of outdoor sports as well as off-the-beaten-track destinations. This year‘s program is full of compelling contrasts, and it features several world premieres. https://gb.eoft.eu/

Frog and Bucket Comedy Club – Win tickets to this amazing award winning comedy club in Manchester. After completing your epic challenge it will be a great chance to go and laugh away your aches and pains after the event.  www.frogandbucket.com

Go Outdoors in Hathersage – The wonderful local GO Outdoors shop in Hathersage is offering us a fantastic prize that will help you in your future outdoor adventures.  https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/stores/hathersage

Swizzels – We are delighted to be partnering with Swizzels sweets who are based in the Peak District. They will be providing some tasty treats for all the entrants in their goody bags. Yum!https://swizzels.com/

The 8th Day Co-operative – Are kindly offering some vouchers as prizes for a lucky winner to enjoy in their amazing shop or cafe. They are a 100% Vegetarian Health Food Store and Café, and one of the longest running Worker Co-operatives in the North West. http://8thday.coop/

Unicorn Grocery – They are generously giving a hamper of goodies as a raffle prize! Unicorn was established by a small group of people committed to social change, who had a vision for the kind of shop that they wanted to shop in themselves. A place where wholesome tasty food, sourced with care, would be sold at affordable prices. A shop owned and run by motivated owner-members following a shared social and environmental agenda. https://www.unicorn-grocery.coop

Cintra’s Tearooms – A picturesque licensed tea rooms and gardens in the heart of Heathersage. They are supporting the event with vouchers for tea for two to their amazing cafe. A perfect treat you will deserve after doing your challenge. https://www.cintrastearooms.co.uk

BIDBI – A fantastic Sheffield based organisation who are kindly providing you all with organic fairtrade goody bags that are made to last. https://www.bidbi.co.uk

Running Bear – We are so happy to announce that Cheshire based Running Bear will be providing a star prize again in 2019 of a voucher for £80 fell running shoes. Something you might need if you just ran/ walked 100KM!  https://runningbear.co.uk

Pieroth Wines – We are excited to be partnering with Pieroth wines to offer some amazing home wine tasting vouchers as prizes for you to enjoy with your friends. A great way to celebrate after doing your challenge! www.pieroth.co.uk 

Aidan O’Rourke Photography – We are delighted to be partnering with Aidan to offer a fantastic photography prize for the winner of our photograph competition. Remember you have to be in it to win it! https://www.aidan.co.uk/