Event Manager’s Report

 This was a more difficult year for some entrants than others: Patches of mist affected some, especially Gold Ultra and Copper teams on the higher sections on Rushop and Millstone Edges, while other runners reported benign conditions: It seems luck had much to do with how tricky some of the navigation sections were. We had an impressive array of duo and team winners and finishers this year, including Duos as overall winners in both Gold Ultra 100km and Silver 75km distances.

You were looked after by a crew of safety staff and volunteer marshalls who worked long through the night to help you achieve your goals. Thanks indeed to those that have already sent nice messages praising the crew’s enthusiasm and friendliness. I make sure to pass on your messages; the volunteers come back time and again because they enjoy being part of your race too. 

If you really loved the event, I’d really appreciate if you’d write a public review. It’s one of the main ways new entrants hear about us, so please consider a sentence or two on Facebook ReviewsFindARaceLetsDoThis, or RaceCheck. If you have any negatives or points of feedback for us, please get in touch – we’re here to help.

The 50km Bronze winner was Andrew Barker, recording 04:51:04. Martin Keegan came along on Friday evening to support the overnight entrants. After helping at build and registration, he also crewed for you at Derwent Overlook checkpoint until the small hours, before taking on the Bronze 50km challenge the next morning, placing a respectable 17th. 

The Gold Ultra 100km was won by Josh and Jake Southall, the first time a team has taken overall first, with a time of 15:24:56. Agnieszka Kaminska returned to the event, this time stepping up to take first woman at the Gold Ultra distance. Luke and Martyn’s 100km celebration of Martyn’s birthday, and their annual declarations of “never again” is now becoming a PDC tradition.

Paul Gamble and Juste Tuzikaite were fastest man and woman at the Copper 25km distance, with times of 03:34:02 and 03:47:44 respectively. Also of note were the fundraising estimates given by those seeking sponsorship at this distance – Copper entrants alone raised over £11,000 for a range of charities.

On the Back Before Dark 10k, no-one achieved the stated target to be back before meterological sunset this year, however there were a few close efforts, from Mssrs Bale Banny & B’Ed, all of whom came within 6 minutes of the hour mark. Mark Bale with 01:04:17 was the closest!

Congratulations to Newcastle Uni Running Club, from where the Duo of Thomas Brownsort & Samuel Pugh came to win Peak District Challenge Silver in 11:56:33. A team hasn’t won the silver event since 2013, and then with a time recorded as walkers rather than runners. 

Those entrants who were raising sponsorship estimate they’ve raised over £17,000 for charity at the time of writing. 

We certainly hope to see you back in future years; Our current list of ideas for 2024 includes giving you more savoury food earlier in the course and route changes to try new areas of the dark peak. We also have on the list to highlight needing cups! If you have other requests, please let me know.

Thanks to our generous Supporters

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Balmy Fox – From surfers to sailors, walkers to runners, skiers to climbers Balmy Fox has created a full range of skincare products. Balmy Fox prize bundles will be available to win at the Peak District Challenge www.balmyfox.co.uk

The Banff Mountain Film Festival – The best new films from the worlds most prestigious film festival. Providing tickets to one of the UK showings. www.banff-uk.com

Wilderness Development– Providers of outdoor skills, development and training courses throughout the Peak District, they will be supplying outdoor adventure experiences as prizes for the Back Before Dark event.  www.wilderness-development.com

Made to Move Sheffield – Made to Move provide a new standard of care; to enable you to not only learn about the reasons why you are limited in your ability to exercise pain-free, but also provide you with the ongoing support and guidance to rehabilitate a new or existing injury and improve your current performance. https://made2move.co.uk/

GoOutdoors Hathersage Branch Located just a few hundred meters from event HQ, Go Outdoors is a great spot to pick up any last minute event supplies, and to pop in for a browse on Sunday morning after your efforts. Thank you for donating a prize to be awarded at PDC23.

Swizzels – We are delighted to be partnering with Swizzels sweets who are based in the Peak District. They provided some tasty treats for all the entrants in their goody bags. Whether you’re first or last, everyone gets a little treat from Swizzels. https://swizzels.com/

Clif Bar have great environmental and ethical credentials. Clif work with suppliers and third-party certifiers to source ingredients. For example, 100% of their cocoa ingredients are either certified organic or sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.  www.clifbar.co.uk

A Hathersage institution, Outside shop and cafe has all the gear and equipment you might want for your adventures, and is a great place to browse for art with a coffee in the famous upstairs cafe. www.outside.co.uk

We’re grateful to Compeed for providing Blister Plasters for use at the event. Hopefully you didn’t need them – but we are grateful to Compeed for supporting the Peak District Challenge with blister plasters – just in case! www.compeed.co.uk

We’re delighted to be offering Tenzing energy drink at checkpoints. Tenzing have superb ethical credentials, from their carbon-negative business, to their rainforest-alliance certified ingredients, to their tree-planting programme. Visit teamtenzing.com

And you? We’d like to hear from new Event Partners for 2024 and onwards. Please get in touch