Repost from @nadineburzler - what a great achievement, we’re so glad you enjoyed it, hopefully se...

Repost from @nadineburzler – what a great achievement, we’re so glad you enjoyed it, hopefully see you again next year! ⛰🥾⛰

What a day. Goal accomplished. Happy. So much support and kind messages from family and friends, cheering me on, tracking my every move en route. I feel really grateful for the love and support. Thank you X

Made a couple of new friends toward the end and heard their remarkable stories on the way, which was a very welcome distraction from the pain I was feeling at the time. Of course I packed far too much food (in case of emergency) which was heavy on my back, but this event was so well organised, they had plenty of food at the check points!

It’s been a great experience all round, and if I could go back in time I’d tell myself I didn’t have anything to be so anxious about.

The body is a remarkable machine, and even when your tank feels empty and you’re fatigued and ready to give up, the truth is, at that point, you’ve only reached 50% of what your body is truly capable of. I know this now.

I also now know that when I was panicking about the 100’s of possible routes I could have taken today (the big overwhelming map) all I really had to focus on was the route I was on.

The only time I went off track was when I followed someone else ahead of me. Now I know, sometimes you just have to trust your own capacity, experience, and knowledge. Focus on what’s right in front of you, and take one step at a time. Before you know it, you’ll have crossed that mountain already.

A bit philosophical perhaps, but accomplishing difficult things have that effect for some reason!

Anyway, thank you again for all the support, not just today, but throughout the last 10 months. I really appreciate the encouragement x

Finally, special thank you to the @peakdistrictchallenge organisers. Everything was so well planned, organised and communicated. Thank you to every one of you who made this event possible! 🙂

NB 🌿

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