To minimise our event’s impact and allow you to make tactical route choices, in almost all areas we allow you to choose your own routes at the Peak District Challenge. So long as you visit all the checkpoints in the right order, you will earn a Finish. That also means you won’t be penalised for navigational hiccoughs, and won’t always be walking behind other teams. The grid references of checkpoints and “out of bounds” areas will be provided in your 7-days-to-go email, so you can plot your route on to your own maps. For those not familiar with the Peak District, we also provide suggested routes, in your printed route guides, that you can collect an hour before your start time. There’s ample space and time at race HQ to check your route against ours and make any final changes in light of our suggested routes. In the vast majority (well over 80%) of the race distance, you are not obliged to follow any particular route, but if you’d like a tried and tested route, you won’t go far wrong if you follow the suggested routes in our printed route guides. Here are broad outlines of our suggested Silver 75km route. Warm colours are steep uphill, cool colours are downhill. We publish lots of route hints and tips in our social posts, so Like and Follow us to get more tips and hints. ⛰🥾⛰

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