Repost from @craig.barstow - thank you for your kind words, we look forward to seeing you again! ...

Repost from @craig.barstow – thank you for your kind words, we look forward to seeing you again! ⛰🥾⛰

Peak District Challenge Gold Ultra 64.2 miles, 10,553ft elevation, 19hrs 34 mins

That’s my granddaughter Eliza (3rd swipe) who gave me a lovely surprise to greet me as I finished! ( With her mum!! @willson_lydia )

Loved this event, a super efficient and friendly team running it and fabulous route which was stunning all the way around. I grew up in Sheffield so the Peak District is an area full of happy memories for me but I’ve not been here for years so I was really looking forward to seeing some of my favourite wild places that made me fall in love with the outdoors. The weather was mild during the night and beautiful sunshine during the day; maybe too much sun for some but it suited me and there was respite in the shaded woodland valley sections.

I didn’t feel too good at times during the the night, a little fed up when I let myself feel sorry for myself, sluggish and inept; making one or two odd navigational decisions. But there were also moments of wonder such as looking up a climb and seeing a string of head torches marking out the way forward against the backdrop of a star bright sky. The night offered up some of these gifts when I had the chance to take them in, but mostly it felt strangely oppressive trapped for so many hours in a world restricted to the dizzying beam of a head torch scanning the rocky terrain below my feet. I don’t usually use headphones but for some comfort l listened to several hours of a familiar book, wait for it… Born To Run; I was nearly inspired to get my sandals out.

Overall I think this route was spectacular, met some lovely people along the way and I can’t recommend it enough; I immediately knew that I’d love a chance to do it again, body willing.

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