We’re so grateful to all the charities that have signed up as registered charities for this year’s event.

Here are just a few success stories to show you the kind of impact that your fundraising will have:

Busoga TrustBusoga Trust:

In 2014 Busoga Trust delivered:

74 New Community Water Sources (including 26 re-sited wells)

106 Rehabilitated Community Water Sources

 46 Domestic Rainwater Tanks for individual homes (including the new EMAS tanks, partially underground)

Which means that over 90,000 people obtained access to a functioning water source and improved hygiene and sanitation.

Fragile X:

FX logo new 1 by 7 verticalOver the past 25 years the Fragile X Society has grown from a small, passionate group of family volunteers to a thriving community of individuals, families, professionals and researchers, supported by a dedicated staff team. During this time, we have had the pleasure of providing direct support to over 4,200 families, as well as information to many more. As part of our anniversary celebrations, we are following up with some of the individuals and families who we have had the pleasure of meeting through the years.

Katherine’s three siblings all have Fragile X Syndrome. In this piece, she shares some of her family’s joys and challenges.

Livingstone Tanzania Trust:

For the second year running the Livingstone Tanzania Trust have won the “Teach a Man to Fish” Pan African Awards For Entrepreneurship in Education – Best in Country prize. We are delighted with this achievement which highlights that our innovative and fresh approach to development is being recognised.