What now?

  • You should have already completed your Medical and Kit declaration form. (What is my wristband number?)
  • You should already have a Final Event Information sheet, which contains
    • Your allocated arrival time in Hathersage.
    • Details of travel options to Hathersage
  • Plan / Book your accommodation if required.
  • Assemble your kit and equipment. If in a team, agree between you who will be carrying each item.
  • Mark up your maps – Details of checkpoint grid references and opening times can be found in Page 1 and Page 2 of the route guide. The full route guide (including pages 3-16) is provided in advance by post (or for late entries in paper form on arrival in Hathersage).
  • Please note the following Errata to your route guides
    • Roads which are Out of Bounds on page 2 between Hathersage and Burbage Bridge are still out of bounds on the way home between Mitchell Field and Hathersage on p16. It’s a fast, windy, narrow road with steep hedges and no verge, so this is for common-sense road safety reasons.
    • Please take care crossing the road at Surprise View on p16. However it is NOT a checkpoint you must pass through, and should be shown as a “warning triangle” on your maps, not as a checkpoint.
    • Copper runners who expect to maintain 9kph are strongly advised to set off at 9:30am and not before, to ensure checkpoints are open in time for your arrival. Frogatt, Baslow and Hay Wood (NT Car Park) checkpoints will open earlier than published, in time to meet the fastest runners.
  • GPX files are here:
    • Gold Ultra checkpoints and compulsory route section GPX File
    • Silver checkpoints and compulsory route section GPX File
  • If you have a handheld Garmin device – Montana, Oregon, etc – that can accept maps then a free map is available from http://www.the-thorns.org.uk/pdc
  • Live event tracking an be accessed by your supporters at http://live.opentracking.co.uk/pdc2020/
  • You may want to reward yourself with our ethical Official Peak District Challenge Event Merchandise.