Hi, I’m Geoff. I’m a Labrador, nearly 4 years old and I live with my two humans. They’re called ‘mum’ and ‘dad’.

Being a Lab I’m naturally inquisitive about the world and, as I tend to have some spare time in the diary each day, I like to spend it observing the human world, which is very tiring!

Mum and dad are both very caring and like to help others. Mum is particularly nice as she helps with rehoming dogs! Although she also helps with rehoming cats; I’m a bit conflicted about that but her heart’s in the right place. Mum also works with a charity (S.A.L.V.E) that helps young people that don’t have homes, to get off the street and get into education. The young people sometimes have nothing, no family to turn to, and can find themselves in dangerous situations. With help they can find shelter and start at school, giving them an opportunity to enjoy a life we often take for granted.

I’m very lucky as I have a comfy bed (and I can sleep on the sofa!), I’m home schooled by mum and dad, I get to play with my friends (my best friend is Alma!), and I’m safe. So, I’ve decided I’d like to help raise money for S.A.L.V.E and help mum and her friends to change lives.

I’m going to try the Peak District Challenge – Back Before Dark. It’s a 10km walk and I have to finish before it gets dark. Although I have 4 legs, they’re only little so 10km is a long way for me, especially if it’s stays hot and sunny. Mum and dad are going to come too as they’re responsible adults – I’m only 4 after all.

I’d really appreciate it if some kind humans would help me to raise money. I’ve even got my own sponsorship page: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/geoffreynanson

I will post some updates of my training to show you how much I’m trying. In fact I’ve already started, so here’s some pictures of me from this week. Dad took me for a walk along the canal. It’s really pretty but it was very warm in my hairy coat, so we had to go slowly and I may have ‘accidentally’ stepped into the water to cool off.