Whether you want your first taste of using a map and compass, or you are a seasoned hillwalker looking to sharpen up their micro navigation we have the course to suit you. All navigation training is led by qualified Mountain Leaders with worldwide expedition experience behind them.

Wilderness Development are running a special navigation training day on Sunday 20th July specially focussed on improving the navigation skills of entrants to the Peak District Challenge.


None – all specialist equipment and instruction is provided. Our sessions are suitable for everyone. You will get more from the day if you are relatively fit, and buckets of enthusiasm will help you achieve your goals, but we need YOU to provide that!


The navigation training will take place on the edge of the Peak District in the area around Lyme Park. We’ll meet outside:

Nelson Pit Visitors Centre
Higher Poynton
SK12 1TH

Download a map of the venue here: http://goo.gl/maps/ubfvq


We’re offering this course at just £40 a person.


Meeting at 10 am and finishing at 5 pm (this is a whole day course).

What can you expect?

A small friendly group of people

Learning or refreshing important navigation techniques such as map setting and matching visible features with what is on the map.

Compass skills and practice

Your instructor will challenge individuals or small groups to navigate towards certain “targets”, like path junctions and ponds for beginners, or individual sheep-folds and tiny grouse-butts for the experts. They will talk you through the process of finding your way, and show you a range of more advanced techniques that could include measuring distances precisely while walking, taking transits to identify precise locations or using fall-lines to estimate slopes.

Team and individual challenges by the end of the day to show off your navigation prowess

Book now:

When you’re ready to book, visit


Please mention your skill level on your booking form:

  • Level 1 – Complete beginner
  • Level 2 – I can make sense of a normal ordnance survey map to find my way around, even if I don’t use the compass
  • Level 3 – I can use the compass to “set” or “orientate” the map and take a bearing. Or: I have completed the NNAS Bronze award.

What will happen if the weather’s bad?

Mountain activities will go ahead no matter what the weather- so make sure you bring your waterproofs! The only reason we will cancel an activity is in the event of very strong winds or lightening, in which case we will rearrange for free to a different date, but we won’t issue refunds. The instructors are human too though, so will adjust itineraries and activities to maximise learning while balancing fun / comfort for the whole team!

More Questions?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email will@wilderness-development.com, or call 07941 645 520.