What is your name: Harriet Drouin

Which challenge did you win: Bronze (50 km)

What were the best bits about it: All of it- I just love being out on the hills, and the volunteers on the checkpoints were all so friendly. And there was some phenomenal flapjack at the Tideswell Dale checkpoint. Mmmm.

Any low points? And how did you get through them: I honestly can’t remember any- either that’s true, or I’m suffering from selective memory…

How did you train for the challenge: I’ve always been a keen outdoors person, and enjoyed being out on the fells, whether it be walking or running, or on the bike, but last year I really got into the local fell racing scene. I don’t have training plans as such, I just go with what I feel – maybe that’s my training plan?!

Any top training tips you would give to others wanting to take on this challenge: Don’t underestimate the importance of time on feet in training!

How much money did you raise: £496.50 – for S.A.L.V.E. International to help more children leave the streets in Uganda. An amount I was really proud of!

Any fundraising tips to share: Just keep sharing and keep it on people’s radar!

Are you coming back to defend your title: Yes – although I’m slightly nervous about making that announcement!

Who is your current running/ mountaineering inspiration and why: Nicky Spinks- she’s simply phenomenal and was the first person to complete doubles of all three big UK “rounds”.