BLANK image j You have taken the first steps in fundraising by choosing to do a sponsored challenge: The Peak District Challenge. You’re ahead of the game and we hope that you will find these tips helpful to raise as much money as possible for your chosen charity.

There are a number of ways you can go about getting sponsorship from friends, family or colleagues:

Online: you can create a page using either Virgin Money Giving or BT My donate (check with your chosen charity about where they are registered). On your sponsorship page you will be able to explain why you’re doing the challenge, post pictures, discuss your training, and explain what the money you raise will mean to your chosen charity. This link will make it easier for you to share what you are doing via text message, email or social media to let people know about your sponsored challenge. All the money you raise will go directly to the charity’s account from these online giving sites. Remember before leaving for the event send out a reminder about what you are going to do and even invite people to come and watch and support you in person. After the event send out some pictures and let people know how many/ few blisters you got in the process. Then finally thank everyone and let people know how much you raised in total and how much that amount will mean to your chosen charity.

BLANK image jOffline: We have attached a paper sponsorship form. Sometimes people forget to respond to an online request so it’s worth taking along to work or the next family do to hand around and encourage people to support you. Remember after the event to collect in the money and then to send the money and the form in to your chosen charity so they can collect the gift aid from some of your donations.

BLANK image jSpread the word:

We will also be taking some photos and film at the event so please follow our social media channels so you will have access to those after the event to share with family and friends to help with your fundraising efforts!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PeakDistrictChallenge
Twitter: @PeakDChallenge

BLANK image jMaking the challenge fun:

Fancy Dress
Fancy Dress: Do the challenge in fancy dress to get more attention/ support, or why not even offer your friends and family the chance to choose your fancy dress outfit (whoever gives the biggest donation).

Guess your time: Get people to guess the time you will manage your challenge in when they sponsor you. The winner gets ……. (you decide) perhaps a delicious home cooked meal and fantastic evening of your company?

BLANK image jInvolving others:

You do not have to do the challenge alone. Why not ask your family and friends to spread the word about your sponsored challenge? You could also organise a carbohydrate feast and ask for a donation from everyone to have a plate.
These are just a few suggestions – we encourage you to use your imagination as to what you can do! We want you to remember that it’s not impossible and your chosen charity are always there to support you. Whatever you do, do not forget to enjoy yourself and be proud of whatever you manage to raise. Every little helps!

BLANK image j

Prizes: To help to encourage you to fundraise as much as possible we are offering a special prize to the individual or team who has fundraised the most by one month after the event (19th September). This year the prize is a £50 Decathlon voucher!

For taking your time to fundraise through the Peak District Challenge for a fantastic cause that’s close to your heart. It makes a huge difference to a charity knowing that they have amazing people like you who are willing to support them through fundraising.