S.A.L.V.E. International is a charity which helps street-connected Ugandan children leave the streets and achieve their potential. If you choose to fundraise for us, the money you raise will go directly to helping more children resettle home and return to education.



What does S.A.L.V.E. International do?

Our work with children on the streets begins with our Street Outreach Programme, which helps us build strong trusting relationships with the children through Street Walks, Sports and our Drop In Centre. Once the children feel they are ready to leave the streets, we have a Halfway Home and Drug Rehabilitation House (dependant on their needs), which offer a place of love and learning for them.

Some children leave home because they have suffered abuse there – our programme of Home Tracing allows us to try to find the best solution to help children to settle into a caring family home.

Other children leave because of poverty, for which we have a Family Skills and Business Empowerment Programme, which helps families of resettled children start up their own businesses so that they can support their children and reduce the risk of them returning to the street.

Thanks to the dedicated support we provide, 85% of resettled children were still with their families after six months.


Fundraise for S.A.L.V.E. International

How far could your money go?

  • £500 could cover the cost of a young person from the street to complete a short vocational
    training course.
  • £200 could cover the cost of a young person to attend school for a year from their family
  • £100 could cover the cost of medication for all the children who become ill while living on the streets of Jinja for 2 months.


If you pledge to fundraise a minimum of £50 in the 10km Back Before Dark Challenge, your entry fee will be reduced by £5.

If you pledge to fundraise a minimum of £100 in the 25km Copper Challenge, 50km Bronze Challenge, 75km Silver Challenge or 100km Gold Challenge your entry fee will be reduced by £22.50.


All the money you raise in the Peak District Challenge will go directly to helping street-connected children in Uganda, so why not sign up now and get fundraising for S.A.L.V.E. International?


Check out our website for lots more information: www.salveinternational.org