Hi, I’m Rebecca – a new member of the Peak District Challenge team for 2018.

Are you getting tired of your running routine already?

Do you dread tying up your trainers and heading out the door?  

Here are some ways to overcome that de-motivated feeling and get back on track!

1: Make a playlist

Listening to music when exercising can have lots of benefits, it can set our pace, keep us  focused on the task we are undertaking,  helps lift our moods and block out any distractions.

It’s important to have a good feel-good playlist that has songs that get you moving! You can make one yourself by downloading  your favourite tunes to your phone or music player.

Want to cheat and have someone else do the work for you? Some great playlists can be found on Spotify or YouTube that are specifically for running! If you are training for a hiking challenge you could try listening to a podcast for example ‘Things you should know’ is very interesting or listen to an audiobook – make the most of your time by multitasking!

Top tip: Make sure your phone/ music player/whatever you listen to music on is fully charged before heading out the door!

2: Run/walk with a friend!

Running or walking with a friend/s can be extremely motivating as not only does it get you to commit to your plans so you don’t let your buddy down, but can add a fun competitive vibe!

If you don’t have a running partner check out your local running group or park run where you can meet lots of lovely new people who also like to run! Website such as helpful peeps also allow you to look for other runners/walkers who are looking for buddies so check them out!

3: Discover new places

Try training in a different place, whether it’s by a river, or somewhere that has rewarding views that you can appreciate throughout your session or right at the end! The other benefits of training in new places are that you can experience different kind of terrain, whether they are hilly, rocky, sandy it will keep things interesting and challenging!

4: Timing is key

Try running at different times in the day.  Take the evening off by starting your day with a jog or have a lie in and run with a target of getting home before the sunsets.

By mixing up your routine now and again can spice things up and allows you to make other plans so running doesn’t become a chore!

5: Share your progress

Use social media to share the progress you have made or places you have trained at.  Make an Instagram feed dedicated to hiking/running, and post photos!

Social media is a great way to get encouragement from others and share training tips! Don’t forget to #peakdistrictchallenge. Post photos on Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter too!

This can also be a very handy way of sharing with friends and family if you are trying to raise funds for a charity (such as our amazing main event partner charity S.A.L.V.E. International)! Take people on the training journey for your Peak District Challenge with you and you will be amazed how much support you get!