With just one week to go until the Peak District Challenge 2016 I wanted to share my top ten fundraising tips to help you to raise even more money for your favourite charity.

1) Tell people where the money’s going: People want to know the different their donation could make. This helps whether you’re fundraising offline, by asking friends and families to pledge their support on a paper form, or setting up a page online. For example, ‘Every £10 raised for X will help to do YYY….’

footprints2) Share your story: People love a good story, the more blisters the better. Tell your friends why you wanted to get involved, how your training is coming along and what you hope to achieve. Why this charity? Why the Peak District Challenge? Do you hope to complete the challenge faster than the target time? By turning your challenge into a story, your friends and family will want to help you to have a happy ending!

3) Include pictures! A picture tells a thousand words – it’s true! Whether its pictures of you training, completing the challenge or pictures from the work of the charity you are supporting they will help to bring your story and your challenge to life.

4) Link up with your charity: They want you to fundraise as much money as possible to support their amazing work. Through communicating with them, you can find out more about what they do, shout out to each other on social media and, ultimately, build a fantastic relationship.

alarm clock5) Get inventive and go the extra mile: To raise some extra money, try things such as setting up a donation jar in the office or at home for spare change. Get people to guess your time, or how many steps you will take, as they sponsor you and offer a prize i.e. a home cooked meal by you to the person whose guess is the closest. Or you could offer to walk the first 1km backwards if people donate over X amount by a certain time.

6) Add Gift Aid: If your sponsors add Gift Aid to their donation, 25% of the value of their donation is added and given to the charity. This comes at no extra cost to the sponsor – so do encourage any UK taxpaying friends to tick the gift aid box.

7) Fancy Dress: Do the challenge in fancy dress to get more attention/ support! If you are brave enough you can even offer your friends and family the chance to choose your fancy dress outfit (whoever gives the biggest donation).

1245687132749190995Minduka_Megaphone.svg.med8) Promote your challenge far and wide: You need to put yourself out there, share your story and show people why you and your charity need support. Think about all the places you could share about your challenge; with friends, colleagues and family members. You can tell people about it face to face or on the phone, send an email or letter to them or share about it on social media. The more you talk about it – the more support you will get.

9) Email a BIG thank you: People who donate money to you will really appreciate being thanked. So keep an eye on your fundraising sheet and online page and make sure you take the time to thank all your supporters individually, reminding them of what their kindly donated money is going to support.

10) It’s not over yet! Even when the challenge is over – the fundraising isn’t. Keep talking about your experience and remember to ask for support after completing the challenge too. Who knows, they might donate more as a congratulations for completing your grueling challenge!

1374081_10151869302108416_488097556_nPlease remember to let us know how much you raise in total by one month after the event. We are really proud to be supporting you to fundraise as much money as possible for the charity that you love. Knowing how much we help you to raise in total as an event helps to motivate our dedicated team of volunteers to come back again next year!

We also have a prize of £50 decathlon voucher for whoever fundraises the most! If you are fundraising as a team your total will be divided by the number of people in your team.